Promoting the advancement of Soccer within an environment that encourages good sportsmanship and fun!

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            General Information


OSC hires grade 09 or 08 certified referees for all its games.  




For information regarding referee certification and available clinics, please click onto "Links" tool for more information. 





1.                  Games will be assigned based on your experience and comfort level.

2.                  Please be on time, arrive 30 minutes prior to your game schedule and fully dressed ready to work. You will be paid upon arrival.

3.                  Yellow Referee Jersey must be worn with black shorts; black socks with three white stripes and black soccer shoes. Look professional.

4.                  You must call me at 252-430-4575 (C), 48 hours prior to your game schedule, if you are unable to officiate your games.

5.                  Please DO NOT contact other referees to officiate your games.  You must let me know first and I will assign your games.

6.                  Bring a quarter (for coin toss), whistle, stopwatch, pen, paper and your cards.

7.                  You will be required to keep score for U7 and above.

8.                  Prior to game start, check players for jewelry, earrings, necklaces, watches, rubber bands, and shin guards.

9.                  Make sure all shirts are tucked in.

10.             Get captains from each team and do a coin toss.  The winner must choose a goal to defend.  (They cannot choose kick-off).

11.             No one is allowed behind the goal line.

12.             Make sure coaches are between the center half of the field and the 18 yard line (Goalie Box). Each coach must choose a side for the remainder of the game.

13.             Make sure parents are on the opposite side of the players and coaches.  DO NOT start the game unless this is accomplished.

14.              If you see a player playing in an unsafe manner, stop the game and caution the player by showing a yellow card.  Be firm but loving.

15.             Blow your whistle hard and firm. Use your hands by giving direction and proper calls.

16.             Learn the Laws of the Game thoroughly.

17.             Always keep moving with the ball.

18.             U5-6 (Four-8 minute quarters 3V3).

19.             U7-8 (Four-10 Minute quarters 4V4). 

20.             U9-10 (4-12 minute halves 6V6).

21.             U11 (Two-25 minute halves 7V7

22.             Remember the safety of our players is our number one priority.


 And remember: Safe. Fair. Fun. Soccer.