Promoting the advancement of Soccer within an environment that encourages good sportsmanship and fun!

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  • Please have the players arrive 30 minutes prior to your game schedule.  This will help us check the players for proper equipment.
  • Do not argue with the referee.  Referee's decision is FINAL.
  • There is no time out in Soccer.
  • Do not allow players to leave/enter the field without the Referee's permission.
  • Do not come on the field without the Referee's permission to do so.
  • Please remind your players not to wear jewelry, earrings, necklaces, watches, rubber bands and make sure they have the appropriate size shin guards.
  • Please do not coach your players behind the goal line at any time during the game, and remind parents not to do so either.
  • Coaches must stay between the center half of the field and the 18 yard line (Goalie Box).  Each coach must choose one side for the reminder of the game.  You can only move between these points.
  • Parents shall be seated on the opposite side of the players.
  • For substitution, have your player ready at the center half of the field and wait for the referee’s signal to substitute.
  • Please refrain on making any negative comments towards the referee or any one on  the field.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please contact Bahaa Jizi 919-690-0153.
  • Remember the safety of our players is our number one priority. 


The Oxford Soccer Club Code of Conduct is strict and serious in our sport.  All people associated with the game are always expected to act with sportsmanship, dignity and respect for others.  This includes coaches, parents, players and referees.

Poor sportsmanship includes:

  • Arguing with coaches, referees, officials, teammates, opponents  or spectators
  • Using threatening or profane language
  • Baiting or taunting coaches, referees, officials, teammates, opponents or spectators
  • Unsafe play
  • Uncontrolled behavior in the bench area

Poor sportsmanship will carry, at a minimum, the following consequences:

First Offense                   Verbal warning
Second Offense             Dismissal from the game
Third Offense                  Dismissal from the next game
Fourth Offense               Dismissal from OYSA

We, parent(s), coaches, and player(s), have discussed the OSC Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it.  We understand that there is no refund or recourse for dismissal from our program as a consequence of breaking this Code of Conduct. Please refere to OSC policies & procedure manual for additional information. 


 And remember: Safe - Fair - Fun - Soccer